Without Hope You Might as Well Stay in Bed.

I’m shaking in my boots. Everyone around me is wondering if I’ve got a screw loose.
You are an online marketer? Really? Good luck with that.
How much money have you made?
Are you selling online snake oil?
What’s wrong with getting a real job?
I’ve heard these things and worse when I talk about being an online marketer. The disdain and repulsion drips from their lips.

What keeps you from achieving what you want in life? Is is fear and doubt? What are you afraid of? For me it is a combination of fear of failure and fear of success. What if I fail? Or worse what if I succeed? Am I on the right path? Is it time to finally give up? I’m sure those thoughts are always on your mind. I know they are on mine.

What keeps me going is HOPE. Hope for the future. Hope for success. Hope that I will make money online. Without hope you might as well stay in bed. So do what ever it takes to find that hope. I’ve staying in bed and it isn’t where you want to end up.

I find HOPE when I educate myself. Educating myself is more than higher education or other schooling. Educating myself is reading. I am a voracious reader. I read 3-4 books a week. Not all of it is online marketing related but a lot of it is. I try to be well read and well rounded.
In my career as a professional computer nerd, I am always looking to learn the next necessary skillset. I’m a self taught computer nerd. My higher education is actually social psychology not computers. I am constantly learning new things and that is the approach I’m taking in my IM Journey. This doesn’t mean aimlessly surfing the web or social media but digging deep into a process or method.

I find HOPE when I take action. Reading and learning about something is not enough. You must take action. You won’t get anywhere by learning just the theory. Taking action is making a plan with tasks and completing those tasks. I helps as well to have someone help you be accountable and keep you on task. A trusted friend or colleague helping you be accountable will do wonders in moving you forward. My brother is great at keeping me on track. He tells me when I’m thinking too much and just need to do something. He also asks me about my products and services and whether they are viable and will give me return on my investment.

I find HOPE when I serve others. The purpose of this blog is to help and serve. By sharing my IM Journey I want to help others avoid the pitfalls and find success through the best methods and products. As a professional computer nerd I like to be the HERO and save the day. I love to solve complicated problems and remove obstacles to getting things done. My whole career has been circumventing bureaucracy through better processes and automation. Let me know how I can help and serve you. Email me, jim.holt at dyn-market.com

I find HOPE in small successes. Being a glass half full kind of guy and always looking on the bright side of life is key. I am really calm under pressure and can overcome any obstacle by observing the small things and recognizing the little successes that come along. Sometimes sheer will power is required. Providing for the well being of my family is my life’s work and my primary motivation to succeed. They are my rock and my purpose. Having an underlying motivation keeps me going and brings me hope.

Here’s to finding HOPE and NOT staying in bed.


    2 replies to "Without Hope You Might as Well Stay in Bed"

    • Julie

      This is a great blog. It’s almost like you read my mind. I have a fear of failure so bad that I sabotage myself sometimes. HOPE all the way!!! 🙂

      • Jim

        Thank you so much Julie. I’ve been wanting to start writing a blog for some time but let doubt stop me. I haven’t know what to blog about but decided just to share what’s really on my mind. You can’t get fresher content than that.

        I think we all have fears and doubts to some degree. I also think some people are better at dealing with it or hiding it.

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