shiny apples

You want me on your email list. I am a BUYER.

“Ooh look at shiny new marketing tool. It’s only $47. It’s going to give me thousands of followers. The money I could make with that.”

Click, PayPal, BUY!
OTO? Click, PayPal, BUY!
OTO1? Rinse and Repeat.
It builds up into a furious click fest and soon my bank account is drained.

Is this you? Are you a sucker for a nice shiny object?

I’m here to the rescue! I’m starting a Shiny Objects Anonymous group.
Members of this group can receive escalating messages from their sponsor, as in:

“Delete the email before you go down that black hole”
“Do you really need another social media swiss army knife?”
“Stop, close that browser before it’s too late”
“Step away from the computer”
“Don’t buy that shiny object!”
“Code Black, I’m calling in the big guns, your Mom!”

If I started such a group would you join?



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    2 replies to "I LOVE Shiny Objects!!"

    • Lynn Baillie

      I’m sure we can all relate to that Jim lol – been there, done that, got the t-shirt! I’ve no doubt you’ll be kept very busy running that group though. Great post Jim 🙂

    • Jim

      Thank you so much Lynn. It could be a texting service where you send a distress text and get encouragement and escalation as you go. One of many ideas I have swimming around in my brain. We’ll see if it makes my execution list.

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