Gift with a Bow

Remember Christmas morning? The anticipation of gifts and smells of breakfast cooking.

That one year when you got the one thing you wanted. How great that gift was. You treasured it and didn’t let it out of your sight. How long did you cherish that gift? Weeks, Months, Days? After that it was put in a corner, maybe a place of honor, maybe in a cupboard. After that did you think of it again?

That’s how I feel about new online marketing tools and training and such. It is so wonderful and amazing and I can’t get enough of it. How long does that last? How long before the rest of your responsibilities put that on a shelf or a folder on your computer. How long after starting your blog does it lose it’s newness and excitement? How long before it becomes neglected and either put on the back burner or forgotten?

Here are 3 things to keep your blog as exciting as the first time you wrote it:

1. Read other blogs for inspiration

Read your favorite blogs and find the inspiration you need. I find that reading other blogs gets my creative juices flowing and helps me come up with new ideas or something to blog about.


2. Read your past entries for inspiration

I find that if I read my past blog posts I go back to what I was thinking about when I wrote them and it reminds me of thoughts to continue or other ideas I had at the time. It can also inspires new thoughts.


3. Go back to the why

Why did you start your blog in the first place? What caused you to overcome your fear and write. Why? When I go back to the why it brings back that new gift feel and emotion and helps me write more.


What inspires you to blog? What do you do to keep writing your blog?


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    2 replies to "When the Honeymoon is Over with Your Blog"

    • Bill Richards

      I think you have summed the feeling we have all had when buying the “magic” system, but you have also listed things to check and recap in order to keep the blog fresh. For this I thank you,

      I shall visit your blog regularly…regards……………Bill.

      • Jim

        Thank you so much Bill. I appreciate your comment.
        I think the hardest part of building a business is keeping momentum when the excitement wears off.

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