Copy Paste Cowboy


In this modern age we can be anything or anyone we want to be.

Online it is even more so. In the online marketing world you see lots of Copy and Paste Cowboys who take someone else’s content and without even a thought copies it unchanged to their website.


And the C&P Cowboys wonder why they are frustrated with their online marketing efforts and blame the industry and systems for their failures. The world wide web graveyard is littered with a ton of these failed attempts to reach their intended buyers.

WAIT A MINUTE!“, you scream!

I was promised that I could make a killing with a copied and pasted “Done for You” system. You promised me a laptop lifestyle where I can sit by the beach and watch my bank account get bigger by the hour. All I have to do is copy emails and social media posts and wait for the dough to roll in. Why does this not work?

I wondered this myself. I bought into that framework. I spend thousands on products, systems and tools. Done for you like MAGIC. I copied and pasted my way into the world of online marketing. I bought traffic and sent it to the many affiliate offers I hoped would ensure my success. I filled my autoresponders with hundreds of same old emails copied religiously from the various systems and swipes. I even added my own minor tweaks but we can all spot a FAKE. I didn’t see any financial rewards from my efforts and started to get discouraged and frustrated.
I wondered what was wrong with me why am I not getting the results I wanted.

The desire was there, the passion was there but the biggest missing piece was ME. I am an analytical thinker. My mind takes a problem and percolates until it solves it. It makes for many sleepless nights but eventually I find a solution. This super power work really well with my professional computer nerd life. I turned my deductive powers to this problem. I stopped and listened and decided to slow my efforts to a crawl until I figured it out.

I analyzed the methods of those who I bought from and why I bought from them. I trusted them. I believed in them. They were real people and were seeing huge success. I looked at my marketing efforts and it was copy and paste like hundreds of other marketers that I didn’t buy from. I see through their fake sincerity. I was a Copy & Past Cowboy!

It hit me like a ton of bricks. No wonder I wasn’t seeing the results I was looking for. I started to really put the REAL ME into my efforts and planning. I started a reformation of my IM Journey. The best original content comes from a unique source, ME. My thoughts and experience is original but relatable.

Don’t be a Copy & Paste Cowboy. Put the REAL YOU into your online marketing and you will find success.

How am I doing? How can I help you with your online marketing?
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