In our quest for Internet Marketing success or from here on out our “IM Journey” we have been promised that anyone can make money online. Even you can do it with the click of a mouse and a smile.

Lies! A big web of LIES!! I’m not making any money are you? I’m spending a lot of money but not seeing much in return. The promises are pretty clear, follow this program, post on Facebook and you are an instant millionaire.

Is it REAL or is it Marketing? In my many years in the Information Technology business (I call it being a professional computer nerd) there have been many products and services that will change the world. If computers worked as well as they are marketed you wouldn’t need a professional computer nerd like me. I would probably be a janitor or street sweeper so the shortfall between reality and marketing keeps me gainfully employed.

Can you tell by my rant that making money online is frustrating? A lot of the marketing hype isn’t even close to the reality we face. Does that mean we give up? Are we done with this? Not even close, at least for me. What am I doing wrong? I follow the programs. Why am I not making money online?

Some people in the world blame everyone else but themselves for their lot in life. It’s the purveyors of these Internet Marketing programs that are making all of the money. They are getting rich off of me!

I am not one who blames others for my plight. I’m one for introspection and working through problems myself. It turns out copying and pasting exact copy and creating landing pages and email lists spewing out that word for word sales copy does not make you any money. It’s more of the me too emails that we get everyday. If you look at the successful Internet marketers out there they are unique and fresh. They have their own voice and message. My goal is to find my own voice and message.

I for one am taking a more methodical calculated approach. Instead of jumping on every bandwagon and word for word sales copy spewing, I’m going to find my own approach and voice. Finding and sharing meaning and message to help all of us find success in our IM Journey.


Stay tuned for more of my IM Journey


(Editorial note: The reference to someone living in a trailer park is for demonstration purposes only. No malice or discrimination intended. This blog is a safe place and we don’t discriminate against people based on where they live. Nor by the occupation or job they have.)


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