collectionYou can call me The Collector.

I have a HUGE collection of online marketing stuff.

Training Programs
Online Marketer Systems
Marketing Groups
Swiss Army Knife Social Media Tools
Hosting Accounts
WordPress Sites
Site Building Tools
Affiliate Marketing Tools
Membership Site Builders
Payment Accounts
Over 200 Domain Names
VAST PLR Collection – Don’t get me started how vast.

We’ve already established that I am a Buyer and I’m a little embarrassed to admit to any of this.

I’ve been serious about online marketing for the last year and have “tried” so many things to find online marketing success with little to show for it besides my collection.  A couple of months ago I was jumping the gun and bouncing around too much to get any traction so I have taken a slower approach and focus on meaning and message. I figure what’s the point in marketing everyone else’s message and not my own.

I have setup landing pages and bought traffic to send through various affiliate offers to hopefully at least recoup the costs of my collection.  I have went through countless online training and programs.  There is so much conflicting information out there and I have built onto my knowledge and experience with each thing I try. The problem I discovered is that my efforts were either hap hazard or copy and paste like everyone else.

I am on the road to reformation as an online marketer. I’m sharing my thoughts and experiences as transparently as I can.  Success comes from putting yourself into the mix.  What makes your efforts unique is YOU.  Put more of yourself and your talents and abilities into your efforts.    Most importantly use your own voice.  I’m sure I will use my collection for good but for now it’s on hold.

This blog is my new meaning and message.  It’s my new voice.



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